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  "The Gang at CLI are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I had some very specific needs that they accommodated to meet my current business requirements. I confident that I can call on them in the future for other modules and enhancements  as I continue to grow my business.”
—Luis Robles, Director, Oakline Transportation, LLC

"We are in the middle of implementing a rate increase. While going through the steps to make the increase happen, I was amazed at how easy it is to handle this very complex project. That got me to thinking about other areas of the CLI system and how I can for the most part make it do anything I want."

  —Howard Abeling, Director of Pricing, HOT Services, Inc.
  "Having a management system in place that requires very little IT intervention gave me more time to focus on running my business better. There will always be work to do, but being more than software providers, the people at CLI continue to assist us with both application development and process management."
  — Randy Frohlich, Vice President of Operations, Al's Cartage
  "I have known of CLI's reputation in the transportation industry for years. Their FACTS
highway application is an excellent fit for our operation and our decision to go with CLI was an easy one."
  — Carl Dinis, National Linehaul Director, DHL Canada
  “We’ve seamlessly integrated FACTSview™ into our day-to-day management as an indispensable analytical tool to help us make highly-informed business decisions. Using FACTSview, we’ve been able to fine-tune our interline management, identify new opportunities through innovative insight into shipment patterns, enhance our understanding of seasonality and improve general daily operations. Gathering information for management is now a quick, painless exercise. FACTSview has already paid for itself as it empowers us to identify trouble spots ahead of time, increases operational efficiency, and affects our bottom line in a positive way.”
  — Jean Janz, Accounting Manager, Double D Express
  “The CLI system allows me to do all the work ahead of time for a rate increase. Instead of a day of total panic trying to implement all of the changes, I can relax knowing that
on the day of the increase, all of the changes will take effect without my further involvement. From a management perspective, it just doesn't get better than that.”
  — Howard Abeling, Director of Pricing, HOT Services, Inc.
  "Last year was the most profitable in our history and all of management (and even the auditors) agree it would not have happened had we not switched to CLI and FACTS."
  — Joe Dohrn, IT Director, Dohrn Transfer.
  "On the operations side alone we have been getting load manifests to the dock 2-3 hours faster, the drivers are on the road and back at the terminal earlier and home 1/2 to 1 hours sooner than they were last year. It's a win-win."
  — Randy Frohlich, Vice President of Operations, Al's Cartage
  "My percentage of autorating was 98%. Five bills out of 285 did not rate - salesperson failure to turn in rates. Not too bad I guess. CLI has the best autorating I have ever seen, and I've seen a bunch of them."
  —Howard Abeling, Director of Pricing, HOT Services, Inc.
  "We were in a real bind. The I.T. Company that we had outsourced our system requirements to had fallen flat on their faces with our project and we were paying the price. We had huge problems ranging from inability to trace shipments to extreme problems with auto rating and timely invoicing. CLI saved the day for us by helping us get on their system and be fully functional within 90 days of us calling them in. We and our customers really enjoy working with CLI and their wonderful system which is constantly being updated to even greater functionality".
  — Wes Penwarden, President & C.E.O., Altimax Courier Limited.
  "Dohrn Transfer realized an increase in shipments of over 150% and yet we were able to handle the growth with the same number of clerical staff. Plus we were able to accomplish this without sacrificing our core commitment to customer service. "
  — Joe Dohrn, IT Director, Dohrn Transfer.
  "We have been utilizing software provided by CLI for more than 15 years. This software has allowed us to optimize our routes, improve our efficiency and better serve our customers. As well, CLI customer support is always readily available and very responsive. The combined CLI product and support offering is an exceptional value and it is the main reason for our lengthy business relationship."
  — John P. Hamblin, President, ITC Inc. (A Subsidiary of Clarke Inc.)
  "One of the reasons that we selected Carrier Logistics' system is that we knew it would
grow with us. We have opened up new terminals and doubled our volume in the last 3 years, and the system has scaled with our growth."
  — President, West Coast LTL Carrier
  “Installing FACTS has given us a world class computer system without requiring us to hire an MIS department. I have one system administrator. Other solutions would have required me to hire a team of programmers just to support the system."
  — Owner, Regional LTL Carrier
  “Before implementing FACTS, we never thought we would be at the point where we could close a month within 3 days of the month-end, and the only adjustments we need to make are because the salesperson gave a special without alerting the billing department."

– Controller, Parcel Delivery Company

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