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Benefits Summary

The CLI Solution
Our customers are our best references when it comes to listing out the numerous advantages and benefits of deploying a CLI software Solution. Some of these many benefits of using FACTS™ are:

  • CLI knows computers - But more importantly, we understand the transportation industry and the people who work in it…24 hours a day; 7 days a week.
  • Eliminates the “Key man” Syndrome - Information previously residing only with the dispatcher is now available to everyone.
  • Refines Customer Service - Through the use of the online database, customer service is able to provide more accurate and personalized service.
  • Improves Productivity - Because dispatchers and drivers have more timely and accurate information, they are more in control of their responsibilities than ever before.
  • Improves Sales Analysis - Sales analysis becomes much more effective as the system pinpoints trends in real time.
  • Simplifies Employee Training - Because most freight terminal operations are supported by FACTS, operating procedures are standardized and training is simple.
  • Improves Employee Morale - Employees (drivers, dispatchers, and operations personnel) want to do a good job and be members of a winning team. Improved loading and routing of trucks promotes driver satisfaction.
  Application Benefits
• Relational Data Base
• Strong & Robust
• Low Maintenance
• Easy To Integrate
• Quick & Responsive
• Easy To Operate

Administrative Benefits
• Integration of departments
• Reduced overhead
• Improved customer service
• EDI – Web enabled
• Reduced paperwork
• Improved working environment


Operational Benefits
• Better P/U Response
• Improved Communication with Drivers
• Reduced Mileage
• Increased Stops Per Day
• Enhanced Planning
• Improved Routing
• Improved Productivity
• More efficient use of dispatchers
• Easy to analyze Performance Reports

Financial Benefits
• Improved bottom line
• Faster response time
• Financial integrity
• Improved cash flow
• Reduction in rating errors
• Improved invoicing
• A complete set of PROFIT TOOLS
• Accounts consolidation
• Automated accounts receivables

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