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FACTS™ I.A.P. - Interline Accounts Payables

The Interline Accounts Payable system, or IAP, is used to reconcile carrier invoices and create an AP voucher to set up payment to the carrier. The posting of a probill records the carrier cost and liability along with the revenue. When a carrier is set up, a vendor code must be assigned. If there is not a valid vendor code, the system will not allow payment to be made.

Some of the many features are:

  • Default split percentage that is customized for each carrier.
  • Zip code, carrier-specific split percentages
  • Interline accounts payable (IAP) records are created from:
    - Probill carrier records
    - Trip number from highway system
  • Adjustments to probills may result in IAP transactions which reverse the originalThe general structure is like A/R with open items and transactions netting to the amount due.
  • Inquiries show balance due and all transactions that have been created and can be sorted by carrier, reference (pro number, trip number, group number), carrier and C/L number or the reference number alone
  • Interline change carrier allows an open item created under an incorrect carrier/ Interliner to be shifted to the correct carrier without adjusting and rebilling the original probill.
  • Interline write-off allows interline transactions up to a selected date to be written off as a group rather than having to be reconciled individually.
  • Interline Auto Reconciliation permits items for a particular carrier and date range to be automatically reconciled, therefore creating a voucher for payment.
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